Ever think about being a doctor?
...a nurse?
...a physician assistant?
...a physical therapist?
...an occupational therapist?
...a pharmacist?

What is the right career path for you?

Of all the professions you could choose, the job of medical doctor requires you to make one of the longest commitments. Think about how much time you would invest in a medical career:

Medical school
4 years
1 year
2-6 years
1-5 years
Minimum 7 years
Maximum 16+ years

It is absolutely critical that you know what's ahead:

Is this a worthwhile investment?
What are the rewards and sacrifices of being a medical doctor?
After years of schooling, will I enjoy the job?

>> AN INSIDE LOOK at being a doctor

When most people consider a medical profession, they think first about doctors. But many people don't realize how strong the demand is for other medical positions such as nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists and pharmacists.

If you choose to pursue as a health professional, you are making a lengthy commitment to a strict curriculum of undergraduate and perhaps post-graduate courses. Before taking this path, it is very useful to evaluate career choices from a very personal perspective:

Does this career really fit me and my personality?
Am I going to be happy doing this every day for most of my adult life?
Will I be satisfied with the lifestyle and career opportunities it will afford me later?

>> AN INSIDE LOOK at being a nurse

Before you make one of the biggest decisions of your life, shouldn't you know as much as possible about the profession you're choosing?

That's what the RTS Career Center is all about.

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AN INSIDE LOOK at being a nurse:   See For Yourself | The Experience | The Insight
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